State President History

State Presidential History
  Year Name City Slogan
92nd 2017 Tiffany Wood North Platte  
91st 2016 Ross Cone    
90th 2015 Rachel Lewis Omaha  
89th 2014 Deanna Kaup Fremont  
88th 2013 Keri “Fish” Fisher North Platte2 “Be a Star”
87th 2012 Chad Sherrets Ralston “Impact your world”
86th 2011 Lisa Johnson York  “Jaycee Up!”
85th 2010 Brian Finch Waverly “The Race is on!”
84th 2009 Eldon Russell Auburn “Rollin’ With the Changes”
83rd 2008 Galvin Parker North Platte Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today”
82nd 2007 Brian Kavanaugh Ralston “Rise to the Occasion”
81st 2006 Brett Drake Louisville  
80th 2005 Michael Francis Imperial “Ridin’ the Wave”
79th 2004 Gene Stoddard Lincoln “Turning Dreams Into Reality”
78th 2003 Deb Ventris Ralston “Explore the Opportunities”
77th 2002 Russ Sandberg North Platte “Discover the Magic”
76th 2001 Paul Huss Waverly2 “How Are You Ever Going to Know”
75th 2000 Dr. Michael Neal Sidney “Thunder & Lightning!”
74th 1999 Donny Kayl Ralston2 “Because We Can”
73rd 1998 Shari Rose Gering2 “Go the Distance”
72nd 1997-98 Lee Dunn Columbus/Kearney2 “A Reason to Believe”
71st 1996-97 Karen Heng McCook/North Platte “Keeper of the Flame”
70st 1995-96 Doug Klaumann Fairbury “Goals, Commitment, Glory”
69th 1994-95 Maria Kaczor Kimball/Sidney2 “The Hero Within Us”
68th 1993-94 Sandy Mundil Waverly “A League of Our Own”
67th 1992-93 Kelly Wills Millard2,3  
66th 1991-92 Kathy Small Lincoln4 “Excellence Together”
65th 1990-91 Brian Duncan Ralston2 “The Right Stuff”
64th 1989-90 Gary Person Sidney “Conceive, Believe, Achieve”
63rd 1988-89 Dick Hovorka Millard2  
62nd 1987-88 Sharon VanFleet Millard  
61st 1986-87 Dan Campbell Hemingford2  
60th 1985-86 Steve Smith David City  
59th 1984-85 Dr. A.O. Gigstad III Syracuse  
58th 1983-84 Joe J. Ruzicka Seward  
57th  1982-83  Darrell Rathe Sterling  
56th 1981-82 David G. Workman Omaha2  
55th 1980-81 Larry J. Bucknell Lincoln2  
54th 1979-80 Kenneth J. Melichar Lincoln2  
53rd 1978-79 Robert C. Glandt Scottsbluff  
52nd 1977-78 Larry Traudt Lincoln  
51st 1976-77 Barry Kennedy Pawnee City2,3,5  
50th 1975-76 Tom Morrissey Lincoln  
49th 1974-75 Paul Childers Millard  
48th 1973-74 Sam Seever Superior  
47th 1972-73 Gaylord Bolleen Ord2  
46th 1971-72 Larry Hendrickson Gering  
45th 1970-71 Richard A. Olsen Bellevue  
44th 1969-70 Dr. Don S. Blank McCook2  
43rd 1968-69 Franklin Smith Papillion  
42nd 1967-68 Ernie Schneider North Platte  
41st 1966-67 Howard Vann Omaha  
40th 1965-66 Robert Peterson Lincoln  
39th 1964-65 Richard Huebner Grand Island  
38th 1963-64 Joe Hallas Omaha  
37th 1962-63 Don J. Brown Omaha2  
36th 1961-62 Jack D. Campbell Lincoln  
35th  1960-61  William Barrett  Lexington  
34th  1959-60  Myron (Mike) Milder  Omaha2  
33rd  1958-59  Byford Elwonger  Auburn2  
32nd 1957-58 Ed Burke Imperial  
31st 1956-57 Rex Haberman Hastings  
30th 1955-56 Bruce Hill Scottsbluff  
29th 1954-55 Charles Thone Lincoln  
28th 1953-54 Hugh McKenna Omaha3  
27th 1952-53 Charles H. Gabus Auburn  
26th 1951-52 James J. Helzer Chadron  
25th 1950-51 Alan Tully Grand Island  
24th 1949-50 Max Brown Lexington  
23rd 1948-49 Chris Rosenberg North Platte  
22nd 1947-48 William Bigger Omaha  
21st 1946-47 Dwight Havens Hastings  
20th 1945-46 Vernon W. Larson Fremont  
19th 1944-45 Kenneth M. Reed Beatrice  
18th 1943-44 James E. Corcoran McCook  
17th 1942-43 (Nov-Apr) James Paxson Omaha  
16th 1942 (April-October) Lynn Knoll Crete  
 15th 1941-42 Tage Topp Hastings  
14th 1940-41 Sidney Anderson Lincoln  
13th 1939-40 William F. Grede Grand Island  
12th 1938-39 Richard A Winkelman Fremont  
11th 1937-38 Charles Hoff Lincoln  
10th 1936-37 Gerald J. Hallstead Crete  
9th 1935-36 Dr. Joseph Kuncl Alliance  
8th 1934-35 Winslow VanBrundt Omaha  
7th 1933-34 Paul D. Pyche Lincoln  
6th 1932-33 Creydon Michols Chadron  
5th 1931-32 Fritz Daly Hastings  
 4th 1930-31 Claude Minnick Beatrice  
 3rd 1929-30 M.M. Meyers Omaha  
 2nd 1928-29 J. Burke Harley Lincoln  
 1st 1927-28 Herbert F. McCulla Lincoln3  
1Current USJC National Vice President
2Past USJC National Vice President
3Past USJC National President
4Past USJC National Chaplain
5Past JCI World President